Grönsakshallen Sorunda

  • Role Concept, UX design, research, video wizard
  • For Gronsakshallen Sorunda // Hyper Island
  • Date February 2017
  • Type Digital Strategy, UX Design

Grönsakshallen Sorunda delivers fruit and vegetables and selected delicacies, primarily to commercial restaurants. The uniqueness of their company is their competent staff, our broad and unique product range, and their 24/7 service.

Their ambition is to offer the premier digital experience in our industry and to enable interactive sales, and they asked us to help them develop a digital strategy.

After doing some quantitative and a lot of qualitative research, we found that the customers were mostly happy with the services and ordering by phone, but a pain point was that sometimes there’s a line to get through. For restaurants where there are more than one person responsible for making the orders we also found that they would appreciate an app where you can see what has been ordered, and add if someone forgot something.

The app could also contain news, featured products, tracking of delivery and a messaging system as well as a shortcut for calling customer service.

Had a great time interviewing a lot of talented people for this project

We also found that Grönsakshallen has a huge potential by using Instagram more actively and especially Instagram Stories, as all of the chefs we spoke to mentioned Instagram as their main source of inspiration, and they would like to know even more about what is coming, stories about the producers, price statuses etc when they are planning their new menus. This is of course also an important part of their digital strategy.

In this project I conducted a lot of qualitative research, something I really enjoy, rebriefed, set up wireframes in AdobeXD for prototyping version 1 and 2, went through user testing, and I also put together my very first case video, which you can have a peek at above.

Version 2.1 under construction