• Role Concept, Design Engineer
  • For Hyper Island | Tech
  • Date December 2016
  • Type Exploring Technology

For the Tech module at Hyper Island we were asked to create a Single Purpose Artifact – to build something that solves one certain task.

We chose to make a machine that displays different first world problems one can encounter in daily life. We built the first prototype with an Arduino Uno. The second prototype was made with Photon in order to connect to wifi so that we could communicate with Cables.gl and display a response to each problem with a projector.

In this project I was in charge of making the machine itself work together with one of my team mates, and make it connect to Cables via Shiftr. An incredibly challenging and fun project, with huge learnings, and a great team with a lot of trust. We are very proud of the learning curve and outcome of a three week project.

Side view with Photon, breadboards and battery

Image from exhibition with Cables animations projected on the wall

Video put together by the great Aleksander Jezierski

Final adjustments at exhibition