Redesign – Melhus kommune

  • Role Design, front end development
  • For Melhus Municipality // CustomPublish
  • Date Summer 2015
  • Type Webdesign, UI
  • URL

This is a client at CustomPublish. Melhus is a medium sized municipality in Norway who needed a new design. The goal was to make it easier for the user to access information on the website themselves, rather than calling the reception for information. We did this with a large search bar on the front page, with big, visible buttons to important pages and different services. On the bottom is a clean and tidy listing of news, announcements and the next local events.

To add a bit of personality and branding of the municipality to the site, I placed the search bar in front of an image that the client can change whenever they choose, to fit with the season and important dates. I also included the arch from their design manual as an extra branding accent to the site.

When working with an official site like a municipality, there is always a focus on accessibility and readability. The blue against white on buttons and submenus gives the site a strong theme, while also providing a good contrast for readability.

I was in charge of completing this project alone. Design, setup and front end development is done by me, of course based on wishes and feedback from the customer. Icons made by me. Arch and logo from Melhus' design manual. Back end development done by in house system developer.

Melhus kommunes site before redesign – a bit of a narrow box with a lot of links and menu choices and small text

Full front page

Easily recognisable category icons with quick access to submenus by hover.

School info page

Mobile version