WorthWhile – volunteer site for refugees

  • Role Designer, creator of concept
  • For Creative task
  • Date April 2016
  • Type Conceptualisation, UI

Worth the time, money, or effort spent; of value or importance.

This was an assignment for a school application where we were asked to make a concept that could help integration for refugees, while having a tech/communication focus.

Refugees often find themselves placed in sometimes quite remote locations, and while they are waiting for their applications being processed, they are not allowed to work. The isolation and empty days can be frustrating, and in the news I’ve read about refugees wanting to help out, but having difficulties with communication.
My idea was a web site where people and organisations can register volunteer jobs for refugees, so that those who wish to can contribute with something in their area. Everyone has a skill, and can help out with something. This gives refugees the possibility to help the local community, and meet people in ways they wouldn’t necessarily be able to otherwise. Also, it would show that refugees are resources, not just victims.

Concept, name, logo, design all done by me, including the liberal choice of colour.


In order to find opportunities nearby, location is needed

Pick something to do!

Registration process is divided into two sections to avoid a big registration form that could put someone off joining

Part two of registration – the more serious bit

Simple poster translated to arabic

Poster with a simple message; we need you