• Role Designer, scanimation creator
  • For Avant Garde Dance // London Metropolitan University
  • Date Spring 2012
  • Type Branding

Scanimation is a state-of-the-art six-phase animation process that combines the “persistence of vision” principle with a striped acetate overlay to give the illusion of movement.

This was a school assignment from London Met where we had a real client, Tony Adigun’s Avant Garde Design, who wanted us to design new a marketing package for them, with posters, t-shirts and a “information package”. They had a logo from before, plus photos.

We were working in a group of six, and were struggling quite a bit at the start with coming up with something unique.
When Martina from our group started making some posters where she deleted parts of photos and drew lines on the negative space, I started thinking about what we could do with lines for the information package, and came up with the idea to make an “information envelope” using what I found out is called scanimation.

The outcome was the most exciting thing I have made that’s not digital, because this is in fact an interactive piece where you see an animation as you pull out the cards from the envelope. The images from the scanimation turned out to be interesting enough that we chose to also include one on a t-shirt design.

I got the idea of making the scanimation and developed, tested and designed the images on the front side together with the envelope. The photos taken of the finished product are taken by me. The designs on the back sides of the cards was a group effort.

Image used on one of the cards – a simple animation of the logo rotating.

Posters made by an illustrator in the group sparked the idea

Poster – the soft and turning lines in the posters make an interesting contrast yet a coherent look when presented with the scanimation envelope

T-shirt designs